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Derbyshire Wedding Events – Cancelled Invoices

Dear All

Derbyshire Wedding Events – Cancelled Invoices – Pay Pal – An absolute shocking nightmare to deal with!

First of all, please excuse any inconvenience my ongoing dispute with Pay Pal has caused you. Unfortunately they have totally screwed up and compromised my account, costing me already £00’s so far which I am strongly disputing but is no where closer to being resolved and have been advised that my dispute is “under review” and may take 180 days to resolve, possibly more!

It is for this reason that I had no option other than to shut my account down immediately cancelling all outstanding invoices which were numerous and covering the immediately due to up to the year 2020!

The only difference to all couples and customers will be merely alternative balance payment methods to avoid being further scammed by Pay Pal.

No further cost to any client or couple or any other disruption will be caused.

Thank you all for your support and understanding.

Carlo Laurenti
Derbyshire Wedding Events