Thank you so much for your patience and time.

I honestly have no idea how you managed, I appreciate Minx is not the easiest of pets to photograph.

I asked Carlo from Derbyshire Wedding Events if he would take a few good photos of my beloved and spoilt cat. I advised him that my cat absolutely dislikes anyone else except me and that it would not be an easy task to get her to sit still and pose.

Carlo never got discouraged and his angelic patience really paid off. It is so clear to see that Carlo is so passionate about his photography and is also such a great animal lover, besides such a fun and great guy to work with. Always with a smile on his face, nothing is ever to much trouble for him and we had such a great time and most importantly he managed to get a few really amazing pictures of my cat.

Thank you so much for your time, effort and great result!

Suzanne Atkins.

Minx Photo Shoot

Carlo from Derbyshire Wedding Events is amazing. He made our wedding amazing.

His DJ set was fantastic throughout the entire day & he got everyone on the dance floor all evening.

He took some amazing photos and by far, the best thing was the video he took. Having that to watch back and relive our day was the best thing we could have purchased.

He is the friendliest guy, the best DJ and an amazing photographer & videographer. Definitely a good booking!!!

Leah Mason

An amazing Photographer & Videographer!

Dear Carlo

Thank you so much for all your hard work!! And I thank you again for sticking to our no-play list.

I understand you were asked to play one of those songs and that you explained to the guests why you would not play them. I appreciate that a lot!

We have had so many compliments about your service and a couple of people said you were the best DJ they had heard! (One lady books DJs for a local social club here in bedfordshire so she’s seen a lot of them and is renowned to be hard to please!)

I hope you don’t mind but I have passed Derbyshire Wedding Events’ details to quite a few of my friends who were truly impressed and present at our wedding. You’re a smashing guy, a true professional and you deserve all the recommendation I could put out there for you.

Thank you for the stunning pictures and video to!

Thank you so much for making our night fantastic!

Nikki & Sam

Derbyshire Wedding Events – You have really made us proud!

Fraser Hemphill

*****16 hours ago

Carlo from Derbyshire Wedding Events captured our wedding beautifully as our videographer, and took some sublime photos that allowed us to see elements of the big day that we would’ve missed without him capturing them.

He kept everyone entertained and dancing away till the late night with an amazing playlist that seemed everyone just loved.

Always quick to respond with any help needed and truly was a big part of making our big day perfect!

Thank you for being amazing Carlo, and will recommend Derbyshire Wedding Events in a heart-beat to anyone who needs a DJ, videographer or photographer.

Best Wishes From, Katie and Fraser

Amazing Derbyshire Wedding Events

Thank you so much for the pictures and for the video.
I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch sooner we went away for a week after the wedding and I have been poorly 😷
I want to thank you so much for being there on our wedding day!! You were amazing!
I knew from the first moment we met you last January that you were the right DJ for us!!!
When I get round to it I am going to do some on line reviews for everyone who helped us out that day x
We have had so many people commenting on what a lovely guy you are and that you were such a great DJ on the night x
We appreciate everything you did for us that day and although I may have been a little drunk in the evening, I will never forget it you played all mine and Wayne’s song requests and it was just a bloody fabulous party x
I’m nervous to watch the video as I have a tendency to just start crying when I think of the wedding 😂
Anyway Carlo thank you again so much x you are great 😘

Lots of love
Allison and Wayne x

Wow!! Now I’m fussy about my music. Real fussy!!

Carlo listened with much patience to what I would want and not want but then asked that I had faith in his judgement. Wow! That was a big ask but I took the leap of faith and it proved to be a very wise decision. He really knows how to read the crowd. Our party was made by the superb job Carlo did. It’s not until you have a quality DJ that you realise how important they are. They can make or break the party.
With Carlo you get all of him because he really devoted all of his energy to make the party work. Carlo certainly made our party.

He really knows his music and can select the right track at the right time. His gear is top quality and he certainly has enough of it. Never seen a DJ with so many toys. I know that it all worked out so well because it was so obvious that Carlo cares and he really really wants to just make the party the best ever. I suppose my only regret is that our venue had no time curfew and Carlo seemed to dig forever deep and keep on going to 3:30am!

The main is a legend with a huge heart. A true gent. He will make your party because he knows his stuff, he’s got the kit and he cares.

Thank you Carlo!!!

Mark Giles

Me and my partner chose Derbyshire wedding Events as a result of recommendation from other friends for whom he did their weddings to, to do the music for our wedding, but after speaking to Carlo we found he did so much more, photographs, video the wedding and light up signs, would highly recommend him.

A totally great service, fantastic photographer and videographer to – Brilliant quality service – Highly recommended!

Joshua Crapper