High Quality Audio, Video and Lighting

Whether you are getting married in a castle, hotel, hall, barn or under a Marquee, Derbyshire Wedding Events have a very large selection of high tech sound and lighting equipment suitable for any size or type of venue.

I offer you the opportunity to actually select the type and quantity of lighting effects you wish to ensure you are happy with the set up. I promise you that whatever you decide or choose I will deliver. Having many year’s experience in weddings and corporate events of all types and sizes I can offer you very worthy advice which you are very welcome to accept or not.

Thanks to my ongoing investment in both lighting and sound equipment I offer a very flexible service and can cater for all events and sizes. This is one of my many very strong advantages.

My digital sound equipment may be as powerful as you wish or as soft as you want. The choice is entirely up to you but again thanks to my extraordinary computerised sound controllers I am capable of offering as many effects and digital crisp clear sound as you wish. Once again, depending on the size of the wedding venue you select, I would be very qualified to offer you the best suggestions to ensure that your guests will appreciate the music without causing them any pain or enabling to have a conversation at the bar or table. Whatever you choose I will deliver and ensure your celebration is entirely enjoyed by all those present and that all the guests will have a very memorable evening.

My PA systems are entirely wireless offering you as much freedom to walk around the venue as you wish with my professional microphones. These wireless systems come in very useful for those all-important best man speeches, presentations, and anything else you may require.

Ever been to a wedding or event and were disappointed because the DJ could not play a song you or one of your friends requested?

Well, I can guarantee you that this would not happen to any of your guests or you if I am in control of the music. That’s right, thanks to my state of the art equipment I am capable of playing any track requested on the night and that is a promise! If you would like further detail on how I can offer you such a guarantee, pleas feel free to enquire and I would be more than happy to offer you a demonstration.